Gutter Cleaning & Repair



Gutter repair and cleaning at this time of the year is so important. By leaving your gutters full of leaves and in disrepair during the cold and snowy winter months, you could be costing yourself a bunch more money in the long run for repairs, than it costs to clean and repair the gutters in the first place.

The reason why, is the wet leaves left in your gutter will freeze in the cold weather, drastically increasing their weight. Then when you add the weight of heavy snow fall on top of that, it can cause your gutters to detach from the fascia or be completely be ripped off your home all together. Causing several hundred or maybe even thousands of dollars in repairs come spring.

Another costly problem that is common, is called ice damning. This is when the ice buildup in the gutters does not allow the gutters, to carry the water running through them, completely through the gutter system. This will cause the water to back up and leak out of the gutters, inherently allowing the water to seep under your shingles, causing costly roof damage.

That’s why for an average cost of a couple hundred dollars for an average size home (price will vary depending on the size of your home and the pitch of your roof), it makes much more sense to have this simple and time effective preventive maintenance done before we get to the heart of the cold and snowy winter months.

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